Monday, September 15, 2008

What happened to all my photos?

Hmmm, I put at least a dozen more photos on here last week and they have been swallowed!! Grrr.

You can look at my facebook ones here:

(You don't need to be signed up to facebook to view)

Or we have just gotten access to all the Inspire photography ones....
go to
click online ordering, then Glenn & Tamar and the password is Rosewood
They are fantastic!

Glenn has a really bad flu at the moment so he got out of painting duties over the weekend, but me I am still picking paint out of my hair! House is looking great, but it is top coats next weekend so we had better pick some colours!

Take care all!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Well - WE DID IT!!

Hi All,

Firstly, my very sincere apologies for not keeping up with the blog at the end of last week, but I am sure that I will be forgiven giving the circumstances! I am pretty sure that no one really wants to read about what happened the couple of days before now, and you are all just looking on here for photos!

I don't have many at the moment, but as I get more I will add them! Infact, the ones that I do have , I pinched from Linda via facebook ( thanks linda! hope you don't mind!).

I started the day by getting my nails done down in Johnsonville. I had to wait till the very last minute because otherwise I probably would have chipped them knowing my luck. Julie and I then went to my Dad's place to get ready at 10:30am. Lee, one of Hil Cook's assistants arrive a couple of minutes before us and was setting up. Julie was first in the chair to get hair and make up done. I then pottered around finishing lists and things before it was my turn. Lucy also got dropped off about 11am. Hil herself arrived to give me her full attention about 11am as well. Boy she did a fantastic job. I looked and felt wonderful. Lucy and Julie were pretty stunning too I might add. You can definitely see how they are the best in the field!

As you probably know, it poured with rain on friday and we ended up having to have the ceremony inside so that no one (especially us) didn't freeze. It is supposed to be very good luck to have rain on your wedding day, so we will go with that. We would have loved to have gotten married next to the pond\waterfall, but it just wasn't supposed to be. From what I remember, I think that there was only two other things that went wrong on the day and the first was that the bride and bridesmaids all forgot their flowers! Oh well, until we told people, they hadn't actually noticed anyway. The boys had their button holes, and the tables were dressed so that was enough. It also meant that I didn't have to throw ( and therefore giveaway ) my beautiful bouquet!

The other was that the rings fell out of the ties on the ring cushion. Luckily they were found again ( thanks Mike) before the ceremony, so I didn't get a fright when another ring was placed on my finger. The rings also weren't ready until midday on friday either, which was a bit nerve wracking, but we would have worn temporary ones if it came down to it.

I wasn't too late, but apparently Glenn looked pretty nervous while waiting for me. I didn't bawl my eyes out while walking down the aisle - I did have to fight back the tears, but I was fine after a couple of deep breaths. That is because we did end up going with the aisle song of "Beautiful" by Portishead. It is a song that we especially associate with Mitchell, hence the almost tears.

Our flower girls looked really beautiful and did a wonderful job. Our page boy did eventually give the rings to the best man, which was great and he looked so cute in his little suit. Amelia, the youngest flower girl certainly stole the show more than once during the evening but looked so cute that she can be forgiven.

All of our photos are under umbrellas, but the contrast of the gold lace on my dress and the red of the bridesmaids apparently looks fantastic against the the lush backdrop of all the greens of the bush. Glenn and his groomsmen all scrub up wonderfully too.

Oh yeah, by the way, Womens Weekly came along and took some photos too. We will be featured in a couple of weeks in a story about the competition and Mitchell so look out for that. And no, before you ask, we weren't paid for the story. Although they have been generous enough to make a donation to the neonatal trust for the privilege. So thank you Womens Weekly! I think that we will be in it in a couple of weeks time. So look out for it.

Dinner was a buffet with Champagne ham, chicken and Lamb. Dessert was made up of mini eclairs with a fancy name I can't remember, mini lemon tarts (yum-o) and mini strawberry cheesecakes ( delish! ). We of course had our wedding cake (chocolate mud) and a truffle tree too ( grooms cake). Mmm truffles.

Speeches. Yes speeches. I think that I lost a few fake eyelashes with some little tears. It was a good thing that I only had a few on in the first place! My Dad, Glenn and Andrew (bestman) all gave fantastic speeches. But Andrew ( one of our longest and dearest friends ), stole the show by not being afraid to show a bit of emotion. I just wanted to jump up and give him a hug, but I think that would have made him worse! Glenn relaxed a whole heap more once is speech was done as he is not a big fan of the public speaking. He did great though!

Each of the guests went away with a little gift box. Each box had 3 things in it. Some hersheys kisses to remember to love and enjoy the sweet things in life. A magnetic picture frame to help cherish those that are special to you. And a little rubber duck to remind you to play. Mitchell had a rubber duck, it was his first little friend, the first thing he recognised and smiled at. It was safe to say that the rubber ducks were the sought after item of every table. At the end of the night, there were other things left behind, but no rubber ducks.

So as you can imagine, the whole day was fantastic. We are so happy and so blessed that we have been given this fantastic gift. That was the whole reason we chose to have our wedding cake in the shape of a stack of presents, to represent what this wedding was to us. We would like to extend our warmest and sincerest thanks to everyone who made this day possible. As many of you will know, we would not have been able to do this without the help of all these wonderful people. We would have eventually gotten married ( Glenn was betting on 2025) but with a new mortgage etc, it probably would have been a bbq in the back yard! Again thank you to all the sponsors, as well as every single person who voted for us during the competition. And also a huge thank you to Mitchell. Even though he has passed away he is still touching so many lives and making wonderful things happen.

I will keep posting photos, but as of friday we have a new adventure that involves a house and lots of paint. Just doesn't quite sound as exciting does it?

Talk to you soon,

Tamar Brinfield
(yes, I just had to sneak that in there, hehehe)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Beaver (1st\2nd September)

Hi All,


Yesterday, we accomplished a couple of things, but primarily we arranged the cake! We had spent hours looking at photos on the web trying to find that perfect cake. We took a while to decide if we would have a traditional layer type cake or a cake with a top layer and then lots of little individual cup cakes underneath. The cupcake one looks pretty great, but I thk that it doesn't have the "wedding cake" feel with it. We eventually went for the multi layer option. Style was next to be decided. We wanted something out of the ordinary, but not so hard that windmill couldn't make it on time. So we chose something that represents our wedding. Oh, and while I don't want to give away too many details, I can tell you that the cake will be chocolate. Sorry to all the fruit lovers, but chocolate reigns supreme in our house.

We had been talking for a while about the songs that we would use for the ceremony and the reception. It is really hard to choose. We knew that we had to choose at least the reception songs for the DJ last night, (so he has a little bit of warning). But even that was a mission! We thought that we had the first dance sorted, (with something unusual), but found that it was actually really hard to dance to. That spelled the end of that song. So we had to go back to the drawing board to pick another song. We did eventually pick one, so at least something was accomplished.

We also had to provide a list of the proposed seating plans so that name cards etc can be made. I thought that was going to be an easy task, but I was wrong, again. One factor that made it harder is because we haven't heard back from some people (invites have only just arrived), so we have had to put them down, but they could very well turn around and say that they can't make it. I guess we will have to be a little bit fluid in our plans, well actually, our guests will. I am sure that we will be rearranging people right down to the last minute! if it wasn't for name cards, I probably would have had people choose their own seats when they got there...=0)

Tuesday, and we have sent off the songs and the place settings to Erin our planner. But my really exciting news was that I got to try on my dress. Yes, thats right, my actual dress!!
I was so excited! I had quite the audience while I was trying it on. Sophie was there ( Happy birthday Sophie!), two of the other girls from the work room (including zoe, who had spent 12 hours working on it the day before!) and there was also Ada, who was working in the shop ( she is the one creating our matching jewellery!). They were all very keen to see it on me, so stayed around while I tried it on. It fits wonderfully and it is so beautiful. There isn't too much that still needs to be done to finish it. There is also the addition of an extra detail in the bodice today too, which really just completes the dress. I'm sorry that I can't describe it in full, but you-know-who does read this to make sure I'm not "exaggerating the truth" about him. (love you sweetie!)

I go back in on thursday morning with one of my bridesmaids Lucy, so that we can both have the final fittings of our dresses and then we should be able to take them home later that day. Julies dress is finished! Hooray! I guess that I am pretty lucky in the fact that once I get my dress, I only have to wait one day till I can show it off to everyone!

Tonight though has been all about the ceremony. We have been pretty slack about choosing all the different parts to complete our service so it really couldn't wait any longer. Glenn just wants to say "I Do" all the way through the service. That way he is less likely to muck something up. I haven't let him get away with that one though, I'm afraid. He will have to say something other than "I Do"to make me happy, but maybe not too much more....

Talk to you soon,