Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Beaver (1st\2nd September)

Hi All,


Yesterday, we accomplished a couple of things, but primarily we arranged the cake! We had spent hours looking at photos on the web trying to find that perfect cake. We took a while to decide if we would have a traditional layer type cake or a cake with a top layer and then lots of little individual cup cakes underneath. The cupcake one looks pretty great, but I thk that it doesn't have the "wedding cake" feel with it. We eventually went for the multi layer option. Style was next to be decided. We wanted something out of the ordinary, but not so hard that windmill couldn't make it on time. So we chose something that represents our wedding. Oh, and while I don't want to give away too many details, I can tell you that the cake will be chocolate. Sorry to all the fruit lovers, but chocolate reigns supreme in our house.

We had been talking for a while about the songs that we would use for the ceremony and the reception. It is really hard to choose. We knew that we had to choose at least the reception songs for the DJ last night, (so he has a little bit of warning). But even that was a mission! We thought that we had the first dance sorted, (with something unusual), but found that it was actually really hard to dance to. That spelled the end of that song. So we had to go back to the drawing board to pick another song. We did eventually pick one, so at least something was accomplished.

We also had to provide a list of the proposed seating plans so that name cards etc can be made. I thought that was going to be an easy task, but I was wrong, again. One factor that made it harder is because we haven't heard back from some people (invites have only just arrived), so we have had to put them down, but they could very well turn around and say that they can't make it. I guess we will have to be a little bit fluid in our plans, well actually, our guests will. I am sure that we will be rearranging people right down to the last minute! if it wasn't for name cards, I probably would have had people choose their own seats when they got there...=0)

Tuesday, and we have sent off the songs and the place settings to Erin our planner. But my really exciting news was that I got to try on my dress. Yes, thats right, my actual dress!!
I was so excited! I had quite the audience while I was trying it on. Sophie was there ( Happy birthday Sophie!), two of the other girls from the work room (including zoe, who had spent 12 hours working on it the day before!) and there was also Ada, who was working in the shop ( she is the one creating our matching jewellery!). They were all very keen to see it on me, so stayed around while I tried it on. It fits wonderfully and it is so beautiful. There isn't too much that still needs to be done to finish it. There is also the addition of an extra detail in the bodice today too, which really just completes the dress. I'm sorry that I can't describe it in full, but you-know-who does read this to make sure I'm not "exaggerating the truth" about him. (love you sweetie!)

I go back in on thursday morning with one of my bridesmaids Lucy, so that we can both have the final fittings of our dresses and then we should be able to take them home later that day. Julies dress is finished! Hooray! I guess that I am pretty lucky in the fact that once I get my dress, I only have to wait one day till I can show it off to everyone!

Tonight though has been all about the ceremony. We have been pretty slack about choosing all the different parts to complete our service so it really couldn't wait any longer. Glenn just wants to say "I Do" all the way through the service. That way he is less likely to muck something up. I haven't let him get away with that one though, I'm afraid. He will have to say something other than "I Do"to make me happy, but maybe not too much more....

Talk to you soon,


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