Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh what a night! ( weekend of 30/31 August)

Hi All,

Well Lucy my head bridesmaid arrived back into wellington on Saturday and I went and picked her and her daughter up at the airport. We then wen't straight to Voon, so that she could get fitted for her dress. Julie the second bridesmaid met us there, so she could have her second fitting too. Her dress looks great! and she got to try it with the shoes we picked out on friday (which also look fab). She has one more fitting on tuesday and then she is all done.

Infact, all three of us are going in at various times on tuesday for fittings. We were hoping that I was going to get to try my dress on Saturday as well, but there wasn't enough of it done. But I am promised that it will be all ready by Friday, and I am sure that it will be. I am looking forward to trying it on.

I had a quiet afternoon and then on saturday night went out for my hen's night. It was all very last minute to organise, and only came about because I was told that if I didn't organise it, I was then putting myself in jeopardy of being kidnapped at anytime. I don't really like the sound of someone turning up one evening ( and probably a weeknight!) to make me go out drinking. I do like some control. As it turned out the threateners couldn't come anyway. But oh well, we had a blast!

There ended up only being 7 of us ( because of the late notice), but it turned out to be a good number. We started at "The Lanes" on taranaki street, with a couple of cocktails and a game of bowling. It was great fun. Here, I was presented with a devil horns and veil, an orgasmatron head massager and a penis straw - which was to be used with all drinks. We then proceeded to Electric Avenue for a dance and sing along. Oh, and the obligatory ENORMOUS cocktail that was delicious. I met a couple of people here who knew who I was from the radio competition! A bit scary but nice at the same time.

Alcohol consumption by me at this point was 3 cocktails, one glass of bubbles and a large portion of the big sharing cocktail.

After electric Avenue we wandered down to Kitty O'sheas. The downstairs bar was full so we went upstairs to find somewhere to sit. We had only been sitting there for a couple of minutes and we were approached by a guy who was asking about our night and what we were drinking. We thought he was the barman! The girls proceeded to tell him that they were trying to get me drunk but it was proving harder than first thought. He and his friend then decided to accept this as a challenge and returned to the table with 7 shots of tequilla (we had lost 2 girls by then).

Now I haven't really drunk tequilla before, infact I don't drink much at all so I knew that this was going to be interesting. A couple of the girls declined the shot ( as they were driving ) and some how, I ended up with 3 shots in front of me. Everyone then convinced me to drink the 3 shots in quick succession. Which I did, and I am very proud that I didn't pass out or throw up. Infact, I only got tipsy!

Pen and paper was then produced and dares written down for me to complete. They started out alright. One of the dares was to collect 3 different brands of condoms from people. I asked loads of people, and not many people would admit to having condoms in their wallets. And those that did, only had durex. I think that maybe we should buy stock in durex if thats all that people buy!

While I was busy with this challenge, the girls had convinced one of the guys that had joined our table to strip for us - if I was able to get a G-String for him. No one had one, so he agreed that he would strip if one of the girls would volunteer their underwear. Lo and behold, someone (who shall remain nameless) volunteered theirs. He was stuck then, and off he went to get changed.
he followed through and it was really the funniest thing and the eager beaver that he was, he was down to the underwear in about 45 seconds! hahaha.

Turns out that those boys (whose names I will also not print!) all went to the same college that 3 of us did, but they were a couple of years younger. It really is a small world. They must have spent an absolute fortune on us because we didn't pay for any drinks the whole time that we were at Kitty's. (Score for us!)

About 3:30am we decided to call it a night and headed back to the sober drvers cars, to find that the parking building had closed and it was going to cost $100 to get 2 cars out. At $20 pp, it was cheaper than a taxi, but we still felt ripped off! Being in the heart of wellington I would have thought that the place would be open all night!

Sunday was a quiet day and I am proud to say that I was not hung over, because I didn't get drunk enough despite everyones efforts. We did go shopping for flower girl dresses and wedding favours on Sunday afternoon. I don't know how it is that we only came home with Glenn's fishing sinkers though!

Talk to you soon,


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