Monday, August 11, 2008

One of FIVE couples


Wow what a week last week was. Glenn and I have been hard at work trying to buy a house. Infact we have been looking for a house for well over a year. We have to admit that the process did slow somewhat when our Son Mitchell was born ( 3 months prem ) and we spent the next 7 months at his bedside in the hospital. Anyway, I digress. We had been looking for a house. Well we found one a few weeks ago and went through the process of putting in an offer and doing our Due Diligence.

The Due Diligence threw up some curve balls about things that needed to be fixed so we considered walking away. And then we looked into putting in a clause asking them to fix some of the major issues or drop the price. After a bit of too'ing and Fro'ing, they agreed to drop the price last tuesday! hooray for us! We get the keys on Friday the 5th of September, when we can go in and paint the house to get rid of the pink lounge (yummy!)etc.

On the Wednesday I went back to work at the Police College in Porirua for the first time since mitchell was born. That was a bit of a shock to the system, but at least I had gone back on the wednesday instead of the monday so i didn't have to work a full week, my first week back!

And then something else happened in a week that was already full on and exciting ( although Glenn was really sick with the Flu!). On the friday morning I recieved a phone call.

Let me tell you about what lead up to that phone call. Towards the end of july, I was dropping Glenn off at work and while we were in the car I had heard an ad on Classic Hits advertising a competition to win a wedding. I thought "Wow, that would be cool", but didn't really consider entering because for us it had only really been a couple of weeks since our son had passed away. But later as I sat at home on the computer, I found myself on the classic hits website, looking at the competition. It was then that I decided that I would enter us. Our relationship was stronger than it had been and the time felt right. The actual wedding wasn't for a couple of months. And not to mention, I was not that impressed with Glenn's suggestion that we get married in 2025! Not thinking much more about it, I casually mentioned to Glenn when he got home that I had entered us into a competition on classic hits to win a wedding in the off chance that someone rang us, at least then he would know something about it.

Two weeks later I had a message on my cellphone asking if a) we were still together b) still interested in the competition. Dave and Camille, the hosts said that they were wading through and ringing everyone in the huge stack of entries to check their status. I sent them a message back saying yes, of course! And then carried on about my day.

I had been listening to the radio on and off but I seemed to keep missing announcements etc about the competition. I had heard that they were going to be announcing the finalists the following week. One couple per day, "cool," I thought, "I will definitely tune in next week to hear". Well the times that I tuned in on Monday - Thursday, I missed the phone calls that they made to the couples. Friday though, I was heading to work earlier than I had the previous two days. I turned on the radio and I heard them say that they wold be announcing the last couple shortly. So that was good timing. I didn't think that we had much of a chance. Particularly of being the last couple. Dave and Camille came back onto the radio announcing that they were about to ring the couple. They already had entries from upper hutt, whitby, lower hutt and belmont and that the final couple were from Johnsonville. I thought, "oh, we are from Johnsonville!". Then I listened as they dialled the number counting how many numbers they were dialling to see if it fitted my number. They paused before the last number, so I remember waiting to hear it it was 1 or 2 more numbers dialled. It was 1, so I thought, "it could be us". Ten seconds later, my phone rang. I thought "OH MY GOD!!" I don't usually answer my cell while I am driving, but for this I made and exception. I also pulled over.

It was this phone call that was the icing on the cake. Dave and Camille announced that we were the last couple to be entered to win a fully paid for wedding, taking place on the 5th of September. I was dumbstruck. And So excited. I wanted to tell everyone.

A couple of hours later I heard some more of the facts about the competition and that we would have to answer questions on the radio every day for the next week and that the public would then cast votes on who should win the prize. Oh no! Public speaking and a popularity contest! I also text glenn and told him we were one of the 5 couples picked. He didn't reply and I wondered if he was going to refuse to take part. Especially with the having to be on the radio.

When I got home and talked to him and showed him all the parts to the wedding etc he was fine with it and agreed that we should definitely go for it. We were both very nervous about being on the radio though and having to answer questions.

And so began this Journey. Maybe we will win, maybe we wont. Either way it is going to be an exciting couple of weeks!

Glenn And Tamar

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