Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 3 of Questions: WEDNESDAY

Wednesday Question for Glenn: If you and your partner didn?t agree on a big family issue, would you side with your family or your partner?
Wednesday Question for Tamar: What do you do for your partner that he/she really loves?

Hi All,

We were a bit more relaxed this morning but of course there were still some nerves there. Got up at 6:30am and got ready. We were surprised that at just after 7am the phone rung! That means that we were up first. Oh well, we had to be first at some point. And I guess that in the morning most people would only listen for part of the show, but are likely to listen at the same time every day so It makes sense to make sure that every couple gets introduced at each slot in the morning.

Right, so today is the first of the listener questions. And we were going live, not recorded! Argh! talk about scary. I got asked the question first today, just to mix things up a bit. I was asked What I do for Glenn that he really loves? Bugger, that was the question that Glenn wanted. He had a really good answer for it apparently. ( to do with being able to support and make me smile when things are bad). I answered by saying that there were lots of things that he loved that I considered normal, but one of the unusual things that I do that he loves is to Randomly send him presents at work to brighten his day. Camille asked what sort of things had I sent him, and I said oh random things like, a coffee from his son. Which happened to cause some confusion at his office as they knew that Mitchell was in hospital and only about 6 months old! But it was from his favourite coffee shop. And that I had also sent him a magic 8 ball and a whole big bag of lollies.

They then asked Glenn his question of, who would you side with in an argument, Tamar or your family? He said it would have to be Tamar. He was going to carry on and say "Because I don't have to live with my family but I do have to live with Tamar". But decided not to. We know that whatever happens we can sort it out. And we can sort it out together. Glenn was pleased that he got to have a short and sweet answer for once! It also meant that we could leave early for work, which we did.

Later in the day Camille sent through the questions again, so we get to start pondering our answers. We are trying hard to drum up votes. We even have our mortgage broker voting for us and are looking at who else we can ask!

What a journey this is.

Catch you later,


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