Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are all my days going to be this busy?! - Monday 25th August

Hi All!

It has been a busy day today, but we have got a few things done!

I dropped Glenn off at work today and wondered up to Woodstock Florist to talk to them about flowers for the big day. They were lovely and took good care of me. The first stipulation that I had was that I couldn't have anything with a lot of pollen or too much smell. For as much as I would love it, Glenn would not. He would be likely to suffer from chronic hay fever all day. Its not such a pretty sight to see a grown mand witih flu like symptoms looking miserable, so I would lke to spare him ( and our photos!) the situation as much as possible.

I had decided that I wanted a round bouquet of deep red and that the bridesmaids would have white. The staff at Woodstock suggested some red accents in the white bouquets so that they don't take away from their dresses. Good idea. Glenn will have a red button hole and the best man and groomsman will have white. The actual flowers will be mostly roses but I have given the florist some free reign to choose the rest to make them all fantastic.

I can't remeber if Ihave mentioned before, but becasue we have 4 nieces, we are having 4 flower girls of varying ages (1 1/2, 4, 5 & 9). They are pretty easy to dress as they pretty much all have fairy outfits that they are going to wear down the aisle. The oldest will get a mini posy of her won, so that she ties more into the bridesmaids. The middle two will have corsages of pinks and purples around their wrists, and i think the youngest will have a fairy wand. All in all, It was quick and painless! Phew! Another thing off the list.

At lunchtime, Sophie Voon called. She had completed the first mock up of my dress and wanted me to come in for a fitting. Wow! its all moving along so quick! I arranged to go in at 5pm so that I would at least get some work done during the day. Although, it was a day of getting in to work late, and then leaving early - oops. All time I will make up tomorrow though. Leave is not a luxury that I have at the moment seeing as I have only been back at work for 3 weeks. I am so lucky that everyone is being so understanding. I am waiting for confirmation, but hopefully, I can take leave in anticipation ranther than leave without pay for the wedding and a day either side.

The fitting went well, and I am going back in again on Wednesday after we have been to the village goldsmith to organise the rings.

We also went and met karen our celebranat tonight! We really had no idea of what we wanted in the ceremony or if we were supposed to have any ideas by the time we went there. It was great, she made everything simple and made suggestions about things to include etc. It also turns out that her husband made an album with my Uncle in the 80's (long story), so it really is a small world. Karen has started drafting the ceremony for us and we will start to decide on what to include.

Hil cook the hair\make up extraordinaire who will be doing our styling on the day, has asked us for a photo of ourselves and the potential haristyle we would like for the wedding, so that they can prepare themselves. When we got home from Karen's, I had to search the internet for a hairstyle that I liked and would want for the wedding. Do you have any idea how many different sites with photos of hair do's there are?! Hundreds! probably even thousands! I eventually found something like what I wanted ( not that I really knew what I wanted when I started). Lucy had sent hers through as well, but Julie had the easiest job of all. She has very short hair, so she didn't have to choose a style for hers! She just had to send me a photo of herself. it all made for a very late night ( which of course was actually my fault I know).

Talk to you soon,


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