Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 1 of Eliminations: TUESDAY

Hi All,

Day one of eliminations. We were told last week that today the 3 safe couples would be rung at 7:20am, 7:40am and 7:50am. And then the bottom 2 couples would be rung at 8:15am.

So we were up and listening as normal by 7am. The wedding bells play about 7:15am and we think, oh this could be it, surely they will be going live. They dial the number. Neither of our phones ring. GUTTED!! Oh well, there is still hope. Lyndsay and Ray from Lower Hutt are through.

Ok. So we go about the morning. Glenn decides that he will listen to the next wedding couple before going and catching the train. I put some toast in the toaster and the phone rings. There is only a song on the radio so my immediate thought is, who is dumb enough to be tying up our phone line this morning! I run for the phone ( good thing our house is so small) I see the number on the caller ID. I hold my breathe, its the radio station's number. This means that either we are safe, or the could be being nice and forewarning us that we will be one of the bottom two. Bugger, I hope we are safe.

I answer the phone, Dave and Camille say hello and ask how we are, I say "Nervous". They then say we are SAFE. WOOHOO!!! A feeling of Relief sweeps over me. Camille asks if Glenn is there seeing me smile and I say that he is here and doing a little dance. And yes he was dancing....=0).

So exciting. But now we have to get everyone to vote again today and tomorrow. And warn them that Thursday will be different. Right. But the feeling right now is awesome, even though I know we have got a couple more days of this!!

Glenn and I head off for work and listen out for who the third safe couple are. Its Andrew and Lesley from Whitby. And then we also listen out for the eliminations. Poor old Camille is having a hard time with this week. I feel for her, but she is only doing her job. Its between Renee and Justin (upper hutt), and Amie and Kim from Belmont. Amie and Kim get eliminated.

Sorry to hear it guys, I hope you still go forward and get married at some point!!

So we have been madly sending out info to all our friends and colleagues in the hope of getting HEAPS of votes, we really want this wedding!

Catch you later!


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