Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shoes, glorious shoes! ( Friday 29th August )

Hi All,

Well today we bought shoes! Well, being truthful we didn't buy them, we just picked them. But that makes it even more fun! Andy from Banks shoes, had emailed us through the options for brides, bridesmaids and the mens shoes so that we could make our picks and Andy could make sure that they had our correct sizes on site.

I picked two to try, but really knew that I could only handle one of the pairs because the heel on the other was taller than I can cope with ( particularly on gravel walk ways!). But I wanted to try the second pair in case the picture was deceiving. It wasn't, while it was a beautiful shoe, I don't really want to be saying to myself the whole way down the aisle, "dont fall, please don't fall" and looking silly as I inch my way down the path!

I had sent the bridesmaids option to both Lucy and Julie to see which they would pick ( in my eyes there was only one choice). Thankfully, they both picked the same, and it was the same as my pick. The funny thing was that Julie had picked first and I had sent it then through to Lucy saying Julie has picked the first one. Some how in delivery, the attachments ended up being in a completely different order, and the first one on the Lucy's list was of course the "most unsuitable". Lucy thought that Julie must have hit her head or something, so sent me back the picture of the one she picked. I said, cool, at least you both agree then! Lucy then told me about them being in a different order, and thinking that Julie had lost the plot. Haha, at least it was all worked out!

So 4 of us ( Lucy and Shane weren't there, but had supplied shoe sizes) toddled along to banks shoes at lunchtime. I was of course fashionably late because I couldn't find a park. Andrew, then had great pleasure in saying that he made it on time, and he only had an hours notice ON HIS DAY OFF and had to get up, dressed and into town from wainui. Needless to say, I was able to pull the "well, I am the bride" line. I am quite liking this excuse, but haven't had to use it much - yet. I also think that I am entitled to at least one major Bridezilla moment, so I will let you know when I have this.....=0). Its kind of like a get out of jail free card, so I need to play it wisely.

So Julie and I tried our shoes on and were sorted pretty quickly. Both Glenn and Andrew on the other hand have (and had) problems getting shoes that fit their feet. So of course the first style they tried wouldn't fit either properly so Andy ( from banks) had to go on a mission to find another style that would work for both. And being the professional that he is, he succeeded. But I am pleased to announce that the boys in this challenge, did take longer to get sorted than the girls...... not that I am keeping score or anything!

Talk to you soon,


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