Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Phone a Friend - MONDAY 18th

Hi All,

Well today is monday the 18th and we did not answer any questions today! Instead we had to nominate a "phone a friend"\advocate\promotions manager or as our friend Lucy announced, our PIMP. It was Lucy's job to talk about how wonderful we are and convince people to vote for us.

I have been friends with Lucy for about 20 years. We became friends at primary school and even through living in different cities for most of those years, we still consider each other to be our BFF's. This means that Lucy has known Glenn for the length of time that we have been together, which is almost 10 years. This makes her pretty qualified to talk about us. Lucy also thinks that Glenn is a bit like a male version of her, which is why we are so well suited to each other.

Lucy did a great job of talking about us this morning and making me cry. Actually the fact that she started crying at the end is what really set me off! I hate seeing\hearing her upset. But she was really saying some lovely things.

Someone else made me cry today. A lady here at the police college was talking to me in the cafe, and realised that she hadn't seen me in ages and that she had heard me when they rang to tell me that we were one of the finalists. Until then she did not know, what had happened to Mitchell. She gave me a hug and said, " I really hope that you win. You really deserve to win. You are one of the few people that I always remember as helping out and doing so much for others, with organising the christmas hams, the end of year functions etc. So I hope that this all works out for you". I was really touched that someone thought so much of me.

We had a really good weekend and even opened a bottle of Moet that we have been saving for a special occasion. The "special occasion" was put together from a few events, buying a house, being in the competition and lasting 6 weeks since Mitchell passed away without losing the plot! We reckon that there was more to celebrate, we just couldn't think of it at the time.

So this week is all about eliminations!! The first elimination is tomorrow (tuesday). After that, voting starts again from scratch. Wednesday, another couple get eliminated and voting starts from scratch again. On thursday, a third couple get eliminated. Straight after that, they will open the PHONE and TEXT lines to take votes between 7:30am and 10am only. This vote will determine the winners!!! EEEKKKK!! We are hoping like crazy to be part of the final 2.

So here are the details for doing phone\text votes on thursday:

he number is 0800 00 2527, if they're calling from a
mobile, the prompts will guide them through to Wellington. Option 2,
option 4 are the buttons to press for Wellington once they hear the voice
answering the phone.
0800 002527
Ring ring..
Classic Hits good morning!!
If they have problems with the 0800 number - ie, they're on Telstra and live in Upper Hutt - the normal landline number is 203 8990. Both numbers go to the same place.
We have 4 phone lines but it could be hard to get through, tell them to keep trying.

They can also text on 4487. (Normal text charges apply - 20c)

Catch you later!!


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