Monday, August 25, 2008

A Weekend of Wonder - 23/24 August

Hi All,

So, on friday Glenn, did the first official piece of wedding business. He organised the wedding licence. I thought that it was pretty cool that he did it. It was out of convenience because he is based in town and I am out in Porirua, but still Glenn went through and filled out the forms and took them in to births deaths and marriages. He did however have to check with me that he had all the info correct, which it was so that was awesome.

On Saturday we did the next bits on the list. Glenn and his best man Andrew, chose and got fitted for suits. Julie ( one of my 2 bridesmaids ) and I supervised. They didn't really need us, but we were just to make sure that they didn't end up in commando pants and top hats! There had been all sorts of combinations bandied around, but thankfully none of it came to fruition! Glenn had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to wear and the really helpful staff at Frank Casey (yes its a plug!) helped to suggest the finer details. The boys had chosen their suits and been fitted for them in 1/2 an hour!! Talk about speed demons! They are having Black suits with long jackets, white self striped shirts, silver waist coats and ties to match the bridesmaids dresses. I did manage to catch a photo of Glenn posing, but he does look a bit goofy...=0).

Then it was our turn. We sent the boys off for a coffee ( I guess I should really call them men, but I have known them both for so many years, they will both be boys to me!) and headed to voon on Willis street. There we meet the lovely Sophie Voon herself and she started to ask what I thought I might like. I pointed out a couple of dresses from the website, and she said that she had a couple of new ones that weren't on the website yet. It was so exciting. Sophie bought over the first dress and held it up against me (I'm too big to try them on properly). It really was beautiful and the detailing worked really well with my skin tones. ( sorry you will notice detail is a bit skint on the brides dress as a certain someone will be reading this). But you can never just pick the first dress, Sophie might have been holding the best till last! The second was a Grecian style dress that looked and felt devine, but didn't have the same wow as the first. Still a contender though. We then went through a few, that were definite no's and a couple of maybes. But, I still kept coming back to the first dress though. So that was it, I decided on the first one. So sophie measured me up so I can have my own devine Voon wedding dress. talk about exciting!

Of course we then had to move on to bridesmaids dresses, which Julie happily tried on. My other bridesmaid Lucy (who spoke on our behalf last monday) is currently in New Plymouth until saturday so she had to put her faith in us that we didn't dress her in a doily or tea cosy ( like we would). After a few dresses, we decided on the style and colour from two different dresses, and to add a couple of details so that they tie in with my dress as well. I can tell you that the bridesmaids dresses are going to be Long, satiny and dark\crimsony colour. They are going to look just fab!

I am still astounded that all 3 dresses are going to be made in 2 weeks! And Lucy wont even have a first fitting until Saturday. All I can say is WOW!!

Saturday was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Although on sunday we did go for Yum Char with some friends we hadn't seen in a while, that was also good.

We then popped into Big Save on the way home to see what they had in their sale. Turns out that sunday was the last day of the sale. We did see something that we really liked that would go great in our new house. It is a 7 piece dining suite, Buffet cabinet, entertainment cabinet & coffee table as a package deal. We were very tempted to buy it. Then glenn had this great idea. We keep being asked what we would like as wedding presents ( and honestly we don't know!) so we have put the suite on layby and have suggested that if people would like to, they can make a contribution to paying for our new furniture set.

Well we thought it was a good idea, but we have yet to see how people react to it. It means that people can pay as little or as much as they like and be anonymous if they want. They can pay either in cash at a store, give us vouchers towards it, or ring up and contribute to it with a credit card. Seems to cover most of the spectrum, and if we were buying presents we would like to know that it is something that the couple actually want!

The other thing that the weekend was spent doing was the guest list. Wow, what a hard task. We had to ring, text and email people to tell them they were invited and find out if they were able to come. It sounds a bit cheeky I know, but it mans that we have a better idea of numbers. It is really hard for people to drop everything and be here in 2 weeks for a wedding! A lot of people can't get the time off of work either. Glenn has done a good job at convincing his Mum, 2 brothers and their families to come over ( no, he's not an aussie!) so we are now trying to get them a good flight deal, as it is pretty expensive to fly at short notice!!

Anyway, enough of my chewing your ear off... I will update again soon!


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