Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished - thursday 28th August

Hi All,

I went to visit the venue today. Its really lovely. I got there about 4:45pm and the sun had just gone behind the hill, so there should be plenty of sunshine for a 3pm wedding, but in saying that people might need to wear their sunglasses! So we just have to hope and pray that the day is sunny and the grounds are reasonably dry. That way we can get married in the garden by the water fall.

The venue is not too hard to find, so hopefully won't cause too many issues. Seeing the venue helped me to visualise how things will work, and also makes it that much more real!! I have a couple of options for my entry, so We will have to decide on that at the rehearsal. It is all really exciting but so hard to believe that this is all going ahead next week. I still keep kind of expecting to get a phone call that says "we made a mistake, sorry, no wedding for you!"

We also got the invites today! There had been a bit of a delay, but everything is sorted now. They are so cool and I will be sealing them up and sending them tomorrow. Should be in peoples mail boxes on monday. Its a good thing that most people know already if they have been invited, otherwise they might get a fright at 4 days notice! hahaha, how fast we move.

I got a couple of other things ticked off my lists too, like getting a haircut and buying a corset. I really lucked in with that one, as Evocative in Johnsonville Mall is having a closing down sale, so was able to get fitted up and buy what I needed at 40% off! Yippee for small things, like sales!

I also picked up a box of cigars that Glenn had ordered for the occasion. I successfully managed to get lost in the process. I was pretty sure that I knew where the cigar place was, but when I got there I couldn't see it, so I assumed that I was in the wrong place, and went looking for it ( silly move). Anyway, I gave up after about 20mins and went back to work to look up the address. it turns out it was exactly where I thought it was, just not very well signed! A bit annoying to make 2 trips, but we got there in the end.

I have also decided after much discussion with friends, that I will be having a hens night. A very impromptu one on saturday night. And that way I can invite everyone not just those able\invited to come to the wedding. So we are going to start with a bit of a laugh at the lanes on taranaki street on saturday.

Glenn on the other hand has been in two minds about a stag do, but it looks like he is back to his original plans of a few drinks after his brothers arrive on thursday night. Yes, you read that right. The night before the wedding. So yes, hopefully quiet will the operative word!

Talk to you soon,


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