Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photos! - Tuesday

Hi All,

Well today wasn't anywhere near as busy as Monday, which was a really good thing. Infact, we only had one appointment and that was with Penny from Inspire Photography.

Penny showed us a collection of her wedding work on a slide show, asked us a questions about the make up of our family. And explained how she works over the course of the wedding day. That includes what pictures she takes, the order she takes them in and just in general what to expect. For us that was fantastic. Just to run through exactly what was going to happen and know from when to when she would be available and snapping away.

Penny then showed us what we would be getting once she has put all of our photos together. We will be getting a fully put together printed album!! How awesome is that. Looking through all of her work on the walls and in the album certainly shows that we are in good hands. I can't wait to see the finished product. Got to get through the wedding first though. And move house.

Yes, thats right move house. The week that Glenn and I were announced as finalists, we also went unconditional on a house that we get the keys for the week after the wedding. Originally, we were supposed to be getting the keys on the same day as the wedding! But thankfully for us, the vendors hadn't found a place to move into and so last week they asked for an extension. Also before we move in we have to paint the house. In particular the pink lounge, so we won't be moving in until that is done. Its safe to say, that with all these wedding preparations, no packing is getting done!

I have started making lists of things that I want to do for myself before the wedding ( ie, massage, spray tan, manicure etc) and things to buy ( disposable cameras, spanx, flower girl dresses and hair pieces). I am running out of time and my problem at the moment is that my lists keep getting longer because I am not crossing things off! I need to reverse that trend I think. Naughty Naughty.

Talk to you soon,


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