Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A ring is round, it has no end.... ( Wednesday 27th August)

Hi All,

Well I had a very long lunch today. Glenn and I went and met Ian at the village goldsmith. Thats right, today was ring day! Woohoo! I am pleased to announce that we have sorted our rings, no plastic christmas cracker rings for us. We started with looking for one for me, but because my engagement ring is one of a kind, it really needs a ring to made to fit it properly. Oh damn, another one of a kind ring. Bother. The only real problem is that the lovely ring that Ian designed to fit in with it eats up all of the (and the rest) of the money allocated for the rings. It means that we have to pay the difference, and for Glenn's ring.

So in actual fact, my ring was easy because it is being designed and made for me. ( and yes they assure us it will be completed in time). Glenn on the other hand, had ideas about what he wanted, but couldn't find anything that would be able to be done in the time frame. We looked at a lot, talked about a lot, and at modifying some to be what he wanted. Nothing was really grabbing him though and saying, "Pick me!". Ian was great, really patient with us and going out of his way to get us something just right. He was flicking through a catalogue and I happened to say thats an interesting looking ring. Ian said he had a sample of a version of it, so got it out of the drawer and gave it to Glenn to look at. The actual ring was really nice, different and much better than the picture. I instantly liked it. Glenn liked it too. He wasn't convinced it was "the one" at first, but the more he looked at it and wore it, the more he liked it. So then he decided that it was meant to be. But the best bit was the price. $530, and Ian has even reduced that again, so we are really pleased. AND it will be cleaned up and resized by tomorrow!! I on the other hand, have to hand over my beloved engagement ring on monday so that they can use it to match up the new ring with. I am going to feel so naked without it! ( see photos above to see my engagement ring, its an oval diamond with a celtic knot on either side. The knots have 3 diamonds each in them)

I also had another fitting for my dress! It is still a mock up, but hopefully over the weekend there will be an actual dress to try on, I am so excited!

We are trying hard to pick wedding cakes and music at the moment. I would never have thought that it would be this hard. I am sure that as long as I don't walk down the aisle to the chicken dance I will be happy......=0)

Talk to you soon,


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