Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 4 of Questions: THURSDAY

Hi All,

Thursday question for Glenn: What is the best memory of your time, together and what do you hope for once married?
Thursday question for Tamar: What is Glenn's best attribute\quality?

Well we weren't first today! And after today there is only one more day of questions.... phew! Some of these questions are getting tough! We were up early again just in case we got rung early but by the time 7:40 rolled around we hadn't been rung yet, so Glenn went off to catch the train and I got ready to leave. As I was driving down our street we got the call. Glenn was on the train but managed to get off at a station as not to have everyone stare at him. Good thing too as Dave was going to get him to talk to the entire carriage to rustle up some votes. Haha, would have been funny too me, but I'm not sure if Glenn would have coped!

Glenn took the first question. He was asked about our happiest moment together, and he of course said that it was when Mitchell was born and he has never felt so happy and so proud. Although, his answer wasn't that neat and concise, he could not find all of the right words to describe that moment to everyone. We had discussed the happiest moment the night before and agreed that in actual fact, it was a hat trick of events. Mitchell being born was definitely fantastic. I just happened to miss most of it. After some problems with IV lines and several people trying to get an epidural into my spine (unsuccessfully) I had to be put under a general anesthetic. This also meant that Glenn wasn't allowed in the room either ( partners don't react well to seeing their women with tubes and things down their throats.) but he did get to see and follow Mitchell as he departed the theatre for the neonatal unit. He then spent some time with our boy. I on the other hand, had yet to come to. When I came round, the staff in the room were talking about someone who had had a baby. I asked who had had a baby and they said me! Yes I was that out of it I didn't realise that Mitchell had been born! After a few minutes they asked me if I knew what we had had, and I had to say that I didn't. They told me a boy, and I said, good, I won then. (the bet on the sex). So anyway the fall out was that for those first couple of days I was recovering from surgery, on morphine and in shock that Mitchell had arrived. I don't remember an awful lot from then.

But the other two times that make up the hat trick of happy events are the first time that we got him out of the incubator when he was 4 weeks old, and again when we got our first skin to skin cuddles at 6 weeks old. You can not believe the pure joy of holding your son for the first time after waiting patiently for so long. And he was so tiny ( about 1kg!). So yes, we decided that it would take too long to explain all 3. Hence settling for just the fact that he was born at all.

For the second part of his question, he kept it simple and just said more of the same, and to be happy. ( I think thats what he said!). Then it was my turn. I had to explain what Glenn's best quality\asset was. I said that it was the fact that he could make me smile even on the darkest days, and even if he cant he has a great shoulder to cry on. It was especially true with all the things that we have been through in the past few months.

After coming off air, Camille asked why we seemed to be holding back on talking about\explaining more about Mitchell. I said it was because I guess we just assume that everyone knows the story and we don't want to seem like that is the only thing that we talk about. We don't want to be seen as forcing it on people, it can be hard for some people to think about. She said that she thought he was worth being talked about as he was such a huge part of our lives and only passed away so recently. We agreed, so we may talk about him some more tomorrow. Of course though it will depend on the questions and conversation!

After getting off the phone and heading off to work again, I found that there was a big accident at the J'ville roundabout. A car had flipped. So I had to go the back roads to the motorway, which of course made me later for work. Sigh. But its ok, no one noticed!

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