Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 1 of Questions: MONDAY

Monday Question for Glenn: How did you know that Tamar was the one for you?
Monday Question for Tamar: When you are both old and sitting on the porch, what is the one thing that you want to be able to turn and say to your partner?

So, as I was saying we didn't sleep very well on Sunday night from being so nervous. We were told that we would be called between 7am and 7:30am . Because we weren't sleeping very well anyway we got up and had showers etc at 6am ready for 7am. 7am rolls around and we are listening to the radio to see who was coming on etc. The first couple come on and answer their questions. Then a bit later the second couple. Great, we think we are all getting the same questions. This meant that we got to think about our answers a bit, which was great!

7:30am rolls past and we are thinking hmm, they are a bit late. Glenn usually leaves for work (via the train) at 7:45am. So we then had to decide if he would go or stay. We decided that I would drop Glenn at work and if we hadn't heard from them by 8am we would leave anyway and they would have to call us on our cells. At 8am I text and emailed Camille to let her know of our plans. We had to stop and get petrol, and of course Camille, returned my text saying that they would be calling soon, while we were at the petrol station. At least I had seen that Mythbusters episode where they prove that petrol stations won't blow up when using a cell phone!

As we were driving down the ngauranga gorge towards wellington, the phone rang! it was showtime! We said good morning and were introduced to the listeners. Glenn got asked his question before. He was so nervous that he waffled a little bit. He described a night at a party when it was honestly 3 or 4 in the morning and we were snuggled up together on a lazy boy talking. The way that Glenn described it it sounded like we were bonking on the lazy boy, and the hosts were quick to point that out! haha, it definitely wasn't the case. We sat up all night talking and had one of the best conversations that anyone could have. It was really very innocent. He then talked about a song that absolutely clinched it for him. All he can do is think of us when he hears it. The song is "If" by Bread. Isn't my man a sweetie?

We found that most peoples answers to this question had been to do with when they were apart from each other, so it was nice to have something different to what they had said.

Then it was my turn. Dave asked what I would say to glenn when we are both in our 80s and still together. "Apart from where's my teeth?" I blurted out. That is my rather sad sense of humour that has been greatly warped and influenced by my darling Glenn. I then answered seriously and honestly and said that it would simply be Thank you. Thank you for being there with me and thank you for sharing this wonderful life with me.

And then it was all done. We had survived day one of 5 for answering questions phew. It was weird listening to ourselves on the radio a few minutes later!

Monday night was interesting. Monday night is family dinner night where we go to my dad and step mum's house for dinner. Over the weekend we had started sending out emails to people we know, posting on forums we belong to and using our networking sites to let people know that we would really like for them and all their friends and families to vote for us. We had also told our families what we were up to as well, so that they didn't get surprised and hear it from someone else! So monday night dinner was very exciting. I think my family already thinks that we are going to win and have started picking what they are going to wear! They have sent emails and links to all of their friends and work mates begging them to vote for us too. I hope its working. They also think that if we do win, they won't have to get us a wedding present because they will be helping to paint our new house. not quite sure about that one, but I guess it is negotiable!

When we got home that night, I had an email from a friend with a link to the trademe forums. It showed that another couple were in there drumming up votes for themselves too. But what was most interesting for us to read further on was that some of the people had decided to vote for us instead of them. That was a great ego boost!

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