Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 2 of Questions: TUESDAY

Hi All,

Tuesdays question for Glenn: Did you have a story or anecdote that could be added to the ceremony?
Tuesdays question for Tamar: What would you like added into your vows?

We slept a bit better last night which I think made a difference and we didn't get up quite so early. We are nervous again today. The questions today are going to be from the marriage celebrant, Karen, which we think are going to be really hard. Good thing we aren't up first! Infact, we are so nervous that we have googled marriage celebrant questions to get some ideas on what she might ask! Didn't do us any good though. And because we weren't first we got to hear the questions anyway. Phew, they weren't anywhere near as bad as we had imagined!

We decided that we would go to work as normal at normal times and just talk to Dave and Camille via cellphone. Just before 8am the phones rang and we were off again! they introduced the marriage celebrant and asked who was going to go first. Glenn said that he would and he then promptly launched into the answer to what would be his question - but he didn't wait for Karen to ask the question. Dave had to interrupt him, and get him to wait for the question. Oops, Glenn was a little embarassed. His question was "Is there a story about your relationship that you would like to share at your wedding?". Glenn talked about the first time that we met, and his introduction to my father. Basically my dad told him off for parking in the driveway while waiting for me. Infact, he scared Glenn and for the first few years of our relationship Glenn was scared that Dad would remember and hold it against him. Needless to say they have now forgiven each other and have a great relationship. They were even conspiring to buy a boat for when our son Mitchell was old enough to enjoy it. I think that was before they realised how expensive a boat was!

My question from Karen was about what I would like Glenn to vow to me at our wedding. I explained that Glenn was
really good to me with the way he takes care of me. One of the things that he does for me, is that most weekends he will make me breakfast and that he is particularly good at making me pancakes. So I would like for him to vow that he will keep making me pancakes for the rest of our lives together. Camille promptly said that she would be round for breakfast on Saturday, which of course she is welcome to do!

After hanging up, Glenn rang me to see how we had done and say oops, sorry, about launching into the story before being asked the question! He didn't waffle on as long as he did on monday which was good. I thought we did fine and hoped like hell that they would edit out Glenn's foux pas.

When I got to my desk I turned the radio on on my cellphone and listened out. I didn't hear us! which meant that either we were live, played really quick or not played at all. We still aren't sure which it was, but the audio clip on the website, thankfully was edited!

During the day, Camille thankfully sent all of us contestants some of the questions that the listeners had put forward so that we could start preparing ourselves for the types of questions we might get. That was great, especially for us with so many nerves!

That night when we got home, I had another sneaky peak at the trademe thread, only to find that it had been removed! Bummer. I had a look at the rules for starting one and it says "No Self Promotion", so I guess thats why it has gone. We also found that there was an article on the gay news website about Amie and Kim from Belmont. So that is great exposure and advertising for them. I have been checking the other forums and things that we have posted in and so far support looks good. Although we have no idea how everyone elses voting is going!

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