Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 5 of Questions: FRIDAY

Hi All,

Friday's question for Glenn: If your partner wanted to drastically change something about their appearance would you support it?
Friday's question for Tamar: What is your main motivation for entering this competition?

Well I predicted that we would be second on air today, and I think I was right! 6:30 to get up is getting pretty normal in our house now. So it will be interesting to see if it continues after this competition!

Still nervous, but as far as we know, today is the last day of questions! Yippee! We were rung about 7:30am and were recorded for just before 8am. We had heard the first couple on so knew the questions and the order which always helps. But Camille changed the order and asked me my question first. It was about our main motivation for entereing this competition. Ok, big breath. At the time that I heard the ad on the radio and looked on the web for more info, Mitchell had only been gone for about 2 weeks. I started to explain that Mitchell was it. He was our reason for entering. I went on to explain that Mitchell was born in December last year, but wasn't due to be part of our lives until March, so he arrived 3 months early. ( yes he was in a hurry). He then spent the next 7 months ( well almost) fighting for his life against a whole list of conditions. It happened to be only one condition that took his life (6 weeks ago), chronic lung disease.

His short life taught us and so many others so much, and Glenn and I feel so blessed that he was our son and he means the world to us. Our relationship was really put to the test during this time and even though we have had to endure such a tradegy, we were able to grow so much stronger as a couple, and that is simply because of Mitchell and the fact that he did live for 7 months. So it is really in his honour and memory that we entered in the hope of completing the commitment we have to each other, our family and our son Mitchell.

Now as you can imagine, I had a hard time keeping myself composed while I talked about our beautiful boy. And had to hold back the tears. Glenn was also touched and I think taken a bit by surprise, as he too almost cried. He particularly like the "completing the commitment" part as he hadn't thought of it in those words, but that is exactly what it is. Dave went on to ask about how scary it must be to think about haveing more children in the future, and I had to say yes it is scary, we have to go through the hospital ( high risk team) to make sure that we get the best care in the hope that we don't have the same ( or similar) outcome with future children. What I didn't say was that because Mitchell was so premature I am now "too posh to push" (c-sections) which means that we can really only have 2 more kids.

Glenn was up next. He was asked if he would support me if I decided to something drastic with my appearance ( hair, tattoo's peircings etc). Glenn said something that is just like him and something that makes him a wonderful guy. He said that he loves me with all his heart and if I really wanted to do something drastic, he would support me and even go as far as get the same thing done to himself! Awwww. David then cracked up and said, that will be great if Tamar gets a rose tattoo on her boob! Glenn said well umm yes, but maybe I would get a sunflower cos she loves those!!

Phew all over. I think I was in a meeting when they rang later in the morning, but they rang and spoke to Glenn and gave him the lowdown for next week. Monday we need someone to be our advocate and to talk to them and sell us so that people will vote for us. hmm better get on to finding someone! then from tuesday it will be eliminations daily with the votes getting wiped and restarting daily as each couple gets eliminated!! Arghhhh, how nerve racking!

Catch you later!


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