Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2 of Eliminations: WEDNESDAY

Hi All,

Deep breaths. Today is day two of eliminations. We know that two safe couples will be rung first at 7:20am and 7:40am, and then the bottom two couples will be rung at 8:15am.

We have had so many wonderful people supporting us through this journey, coming out of the woodwork and helping us to get people to vote for us. I know that my sister is even bribing people at her work with cookies and lollies to get them to put in their votes for us. Glenn and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many friends who are willing to fight for us. We have certainly been humbled by this entire experience and one of the things that we didn't do yesterday when we were rung ( and most definitely should have) was to say thank you to everyone who votes. We are definitely going to try to on air today, but if we don't get to, please know that we are thanking everyone for supporting and voting for us. Without all of you, we certainly wouldn't be where are at the moment.


Right, so back to our morning. Our morning routine is seeming pretty normal now. Get up and get ready by 7am, and then spend the rest of the time pacing between the computer room and the the lounge until we are rung. Its a good thing our house is so small, they are really only about 10 feet apart. I find checking my emails and open2view a good distraction in the morning.

7:20am, the wedding bells music comes on, we think ok thats cool, they usually do the first call live, so no need to worry, and if we aren't called first, we could still be second or third and not kicked off. Dave and Camille start dialling the number, we can hear the first ring on the radio.
BUGGER we both say out loud, it didn't ring our phone. A second later our phone does ring!!
And it is them!!! We are through!! We are in the top three and we are ecstatic! I even managed to drop in a thank you. We now only have to get through one more elimination and we are in the final.

The second safe couple are Lyndsay and Ray. Which means that Renee and Justin, and Lesley and Andrew are the bottom two couples. This really is a brutal competition, all good one day and all over the next. Andrew and Lesley are eliminated this morning.

We wish them and their families all the best with hurdles they are facing. We hope that you continue to be as strong and supportive together as you have been over the past 19 years. 19 years is a feat that a lot of married couples don't have the pleasure of reaching.

So, only two more sleeps until we know if we have won! We are thinking positive and are saying that we are going to win and everything else is just a formality, even though it makes us sound completely arrogant!

Catch you tomorrow ( with more good news!),


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MoniqueGal said...

We wish you all the luck in the world. Will be listening tomorrow morning. Cheers from us country folk & Cheeky the lamb.