Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 3 of Eliminations: THURSDAY

Hi All,

Well today was D-Day. Well one of our D-Days Today we found out if we were in the final two couples to win this wedding.

We knew that the couple who were being eliminated were going to be called at 7:20am. The night before we had confused ourselves by thinking that we wanted to be the ones that were rung at 7:20 as we thought, that was another safe couple. But then we remembered and reread the email with the weekly plan and realised that there was definitely no way that we wanted to be that couple!

It was absolutely agonising this morning waiting for 7:20 to roll around. Glenn's boss from work ran at 7:15 to ask about some worky things, so he had a bit of a distraction. 7:20 finally rolled around. They started dialling the number. We knew from yesterdays experience that our phone doesn't ring on their first ring. Poor Glenn was still on the phone, you could tell that he wasn't really listening to his boss he was trying to listen to the radio. By the end of the second ring I was jumping up and down saying, "were in! were in!" Glenn hurriedly got off the phone and he started yahooing and dancing around too.

WE WERE SOOO EXCITED. But we knew that today was the day for the big push.

Renee and Justin were eliminated. Good luck guys, we hope that nothing else happens to your rings and you do eventually get to have an awesome wedding.

OMG!! Now to get people to ring up to convince the public that we are the ones worth voting for. Lyndsay and Rays supporters were quick off the mark with calling in to the station, but our supporters got there in the end! We had heaps of awesome people ring up on our behalf, friends, family and some neonatal mums! Which is just awesome. We are certainly hoping that people are encouraged to vote, and to vote for us.

Thanks again, to all that are voting and supporting us, wahooo..!!!

Tomorrow, it will all be over, or just beginning!

Take care,


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Buggy said...

You sure picked the right name for this blog "Winning A Wedding"! ;)

Well done you two.